4 Tips for Planning your Spring Wedding - Tips and Ideas to Embrace the Season

All About Flowers

Sometimes the perfect favor is simple, sometimes it's elaborate. What wedding favors all have in common is the purpose of reminding the receivers of that special day. I'm partial to personalized favors that feature the first names of the intended and their wedding date. These favors can be practical or just for display, most of all they need to reflect your wedding and your ideas.

Flowers are a universal constant at a wedding. They can be extremely simple arrangements or elaborate designs made from rare and exotic species. Whatever type of flower you choose as the backdrop for your amazing day, there is likely a wedding favor that goes right along with it. Here are a few floral wedding favors that will go with a wide variety of wedding plans across all four seasons!

Cherry Blossoms

Early spring weddings are naturals for Cherry Blossom flower arrangements. The blossoms are very fragile, so you might only be able to pull this off if you're getting married in or near an orchard. If you'd like to bring a little more cherry blossom into your wedding, check out these adorable personalized wedding favors that are sure to be memorable.

Place Cards - Set of 12

Plantable Cherry Blossom Place Card Favors (Set of 12)

Cherry Blossom Chopsticks

Cherry Blossom Chopsticks

Cherry Blossom Guest Book
Cherry Blossom Traditional Guest Book

Guest Cameras - Cherry Blossom Design
Single Use Camera - Cherry Blossom Design


As spring moves into summer we see Daisies start to show up in gardens and even along roadsides. Warmer weather brings their happy faces out of the ground and reaching up towards the sun. Incorporating Daisies into your summer wedding makes a lot of sense. You can find them easily at the local florist, or order them in fairly inexpensively. These cute daisy favors can enhance your wedding's flower arrangements

Gerber Daisy Favor Box

Classy Pink Gerbera-Daisy-Adorned Box Favors

Daisy Topped Wedding Bubbles
Daisy Topped Wedding Bubbles (12 count)

Daisy Pen Favors

Flower Pen Favors

Daisy Trinket Box

Daisy Design Trinket Box


From summer into fall, Roses are plentiful, available from a local or online florist, and relatively inexpensive. Because they come in a wide variety of colors, they're easy to find in complimentary hues to match your main wedding colors. Overall the hardiness of roses after their cut makes them an ideal choice for a summer or fall wedding. These rose wedding favors make natural enhancements that compliment your wedding's décor.

Rose Pocket Mirror

Handy Rose Pocket Mirror

Rose Candle Favors

 Rose Ancienne Collection Apothecary jar candle favors

Personalized Rose Petal Favors
Rose Petal Favors (Sold in Bag of 100 petals)

Rose Bottle Stopper

Choice Crystal Collection Rose Design Stopper

As you can see, finding favors to compliment your wedding's flower theme is fairly simple. Couple the right seasonal flowers with the perfect favor for your guests and you're guaranteed a special day that everyone will be talking about for years to come.