Cruise Theme Wedding Reception

by Sandy Hampton

If you are being whisked away on a cruise for your honeymoon, or just like the idea of going on a cruise, consider having a cruise theme for your wedding reception.

Watercolors of blue, green, gold and silver would go great with a Cruise theme. Tropical colors will work for this theme too.

Most any flowers will work with this theme. When choosing flowers, think of your cruise destinations and what flowers you would see there. If you aren't actually going on a cruise, pick an imaginary destination and choose your flowers based on that destination.

There are many different items that can be used to create a cruise feel to your decorations. Consider using nautical flags to spell out your names. Instead of throwing birdseed or blowing bubbles, give the guests streamers for your departure. Have the DJ dress up like a ship's captain or a pirate. An ice sculpture of a leaping dolphin would be an excellent centerpiece for your buffet table. Create a gangplank coming into the reception hall to simulate getting on a ship. Name your tables for the ports your cruise will be stopping in or for famous ships. You could also use parts of the ship or the different decks on your cruise ship for table names. Decorate one side of the hall like a pier to simulate the "ship" being tied up at a pier. Place ship's rails around the sides of the room.

Depending on where your cruise is headed, incorporate items from that area. For example, if your cruise is headed to the Bahamas, add palm trees and other tropical items to the decor. If your cruise is headed to Alaska, choose wilderness type decorations or celebrate the Alaskan gold rush.

Create ring life-preservers with the name USS your-last-name on them. Place a candle, flowers, or both in the center of the life-preserver. Or use model ships for centerpieces. Seashells would also make a good centerpiece with candles or flowers.

With a cruise theme, any type of food is acceptable. Most cruise ships serve all kinds of food. However, since most cruises take place on the ocean, keeping a seafood flair to your menu would enhance this theme. Some ideas for appetizers are: shrimp cocktail, crab rangoon, seafood cheese melts, and salmon pate. Some ideas for the main course are: surf and turf, angel hair pasta with shrimp and basil, seafood stir-fry, flounder with blue crab stuffing, and citrus baked halibut. Or you could choose foods from the different ports your cruise will be visiting.

For this theme, any of the following would make good favors: Lifesavers candies; seashell candles; soaps shaped as shells or dolphins; shell, boat, or fish magnets; or shell roses, or any other favors with a sea or beach theme.

Music can be used to enhance your cruise theme. Consider using songs like "Come Sail Away" by Styx, "Sailing" by Christopher Cross, and songs from the musical "South Pacific." For a little fun, consider having the wedding party enter to the theme song from the TV show "Love Boat."