You May Kiss the Bride

The moment has come and you seal your wedding vows with a kiss. The symbolism and history behind your first kiss is an important part of your wedding day and you want it to be perfect. How do you prepare for this amazing moment that you share with all your friends and family as well as your fiancé?

The History of the Kiss

In ancient Roman times, a kiss represented a legal bond that sealed contracts. Now the kiss is a sign of affection, a token of bonding, and a symbol of the newlywed's faith, respect and love for each other. Some cultures even believe that this first momentous kiss is a representation of the swapping of souls that two lovers experience upon marriage. When the minister says those fateful words "You may kiss the bride," remember the importance of this one solemn moment, not just to you but to all those witnessing this wonderful event.

Planning the Perfect Kiss

As you are engaged, you may think that you don't need to plan this part of your wedding; however, here are some helpful tips to guide you to the perfect wedding kiss.

    1. Talk to your fiancé. If you don't want to be swept off your feet, let him know before the ceremony!
    2. Ask others around you. From friends to family members, discuss other wedding ceremonies and what kisses seemed romantic and poignant and what kisses seemed sloppy or cold.
    3. Practice! Certainly not a hardship for any couple, practicing how you want the kiss to be will relieve any lingering doubts or worries you may have – and it will be fun, too!
    4. Keep it classy. Remember your family and friends are watching, as well as the minister.

Reception Kisses

The kissing doesn't end at the ceremony. Quite often guests will entreat the newlyweds to kiss at the reception. Either with the clinking of glasses or ringing of bells, you and your fiancé will be requested to kiss throughout the evening – so remember your Chap Stick! At, there are a variety of glasses and kissing bells that you can order for your reception, as well as customized Chap Stick, too! Remember to have fun and pucker up!