Toss My Bouquet!?!

You have spent hours deciding on just the right flowers to have in your bouquet. Now you find out that tradition calls for you to give it to someone else? Don't worry. If you decide to follow the tradition of tossing the bouquet, the bouquet that you carry down the aisle is not what you toss to your guests. This beautiful but ancient tradition has come a long way over the last few centuries. From special presentations to breakaway bouquets, the modern bride can transform this ritual to fit her personal tastes and what will work best for her guests, and she can keep her own bouquet too!

The History of the Toss

Centuries ago, brides traditionally carried with them aromatic bunches of garlic, fruit blossoms, herbs, and grains to drive away evil spirits and symbolize prosperity. Over the years, the herbs and grains were replaced by flowers, a sign of happiness that represented fertility and everlasting love. At the same time, another tradition began that was not as popular with brides. Guests tried to get a fragment of the bride's clothing as a symbol of good fortune, sometimes tearing the wedding dress apart before the bride left the celebration. Out of self defense and a desire to not have their dress torn to pieces, brides thought of some alternatives and so the bouquet and garter toss began. Traditionally performed after the cake cutting, the groom removes and throws the garter to the unmarried gentlemen. Then the bride tosses her bouquet to the unmarried ladies. Both recipients are considered lucky and will be the next to wed, but, of course, not necessarily to each other. Some ceremonies extend the ritual and include the gentleman putting the caught garter onto the lady who received the bouquet. A simple and beautiful custom, the bouquet toss celebrates the good fortune of the happy couple.

New Variations of Old Traditions

Although enjoyed by many, there are some new variations on this tradition that may suit your needs more. Some brides who don't want to draw unwanted attention to the unmarried female guests ask all the women to participate in the bouquet toss. Others pick a specific individual, a newly engaged friend or particular guest, and make a special presentation instead of throwing the bouquet. This allows the bride to acknowledge someone important to her without offending others. A similar tradition is to dedicate the bouquet in honor of a loved one who has passed. For those who don't want to single out a specific guest, couples sometimes ask all the married couples to stand. Then, in groups of five years, ask the people who have been married that long to sit down. The last ones standing have been married the longest and are 'rewarded' with the bouquet. However you decide to present your bouquet, it will be a treasured memento of your special day that your guests will treasure.

Bouquets with a Twist

When selecting your bouquet, your florist will discuss the different options available for your tossing bouquet. Similar to what you will walk down the aisle with, your florist can make a lighter and smaller arrangement for you to toss to your guests. Therefore, you can keep your bouquet while also giving a special reminder of your wedding day to one of your guests. These tossing bouquets come in a variety of styles. A new design that has become popular is a miniature version of your own bouquet that breaks apart when tossed. These breakaway bouquets can be specially made to break into three or five separate bouquets, surprising your guests and thrilling more than one lucky lady. Another possibility is to have romantic fortunes placed on separate bouquets, so when tossed, all the ladies will receive a small nosegay and a loving portent for the future. For those brides who know their guests have flower allergies, a beautiful silk arrangement may be an option.

Your bouquet is a wonderful emblem of the love and happiness of your wedding day. You can let everyone have a small piece of this beautiful symbol with bouquet-inspired wedding favors. With a fantastic selection of candles and soaps as well as bouquet themed mints, coffees and teas, has a wide assortment of favors that will make wonderful additions to your wedding decor. Whether you are presenting your bouquet or tossing it, remember to celebrate all the love and happiness that it symbolizes and enjoy your special day.