The Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is one of the single most important decisions of your wedding day! Immortalized in pictures and analyzed by guests, your wedding dress is the focal point of many of your decorating decisions. But what kind of wedding dress should you choose? There are a variety of new trends that are both flattering and beautiful and can add a special, unique touch to your wedding day.

From Old to New

Although new styles come out every year, some classic designs have reemerged on the scene and are making wonderful additions to the latest wedding dress fashions. The most recent trend of emphasizing the waist, a style that had been lost for several years, is back in full force. Often done with a large belt or sash, this style is flattering to a variety of figures and creates a beautiful silhouette. Another old favorite, the tulip skirt, has returned (to many brides' delight). Skimming the body and flaring at the knee, this style can be simplistically elegant or provide a beautiful canvas for elaborate embroidery or bead work. For those with a more retro taste, the roaring ‘20's have returned with exquisite art deco designs and geometric draping.  Whatever style you prefer, remember to try on a variety of dresses to see which works best with your body type.

Color Is Back!

Although the white dress is considered the most traditional of all colors, its history is relatively young. Many brides are now experimenting with color. The metallic splendor of silver and gold can often be seen walking down the runway, while the bold colors of gem stones are often incorporated into many wedding dresses, corresponding with their attendants' gowns.  A classic look that has become quite popular is the black and white wedding. The attendants wear black while the bride wears white with black adornments. Often extremely striking in pictures, these wedding dresses can range from small black embellishments to large swatches of black satin. Find a color that works well with your skin tone and don't be afraid of including it in your dress.

As with all elements of your wedding, remember to have fun with this decision. Emphasize your choice with adorable wedding dress inspired favors from Whether you decide on a retro silver gown or a new waist hugging white and red gown, you should choose something that makes you feel like the star you are.