The Wedding Veil

Wrapped in history and romance, the veil plays an important part in your wedding attire. Deciding on what veil works best for you is an important decision and should often be made after the dress has been chosen and a hair style has been selected. Learn about the romantic and symbolic meaning of the veil as well as the variety of veils you can choose from before making any decisions.

The History of the Veil

Originally used in arranged marriages to cover the face of the bride until the groom was committed, it is long believed that the wedding veil protects against bad luck and misfortune. Used throughout the world in various colors and fabrics, the longer and thicker the material of the veil, the more traditional it is considered. The custom of wearing a veil in the United States began with Nelly Curtis during her wedding with Major Lawrence Lewis, George Washington's aide.  It is said that Major Lewis fell in love with Nelly while seeing her in the window, behind a lace curtain. In honor of this moment, Nelly wore a veil of lace, starting a trend that continues today.

Types of Veils

The veil comes in a variety of different styles and fabrics. Below are a few of the more popular versions.

    1. The Blusher is a short veil that covers the bride's face.
    2. The Flyaway is also a short veil but ends at the bride's shoulders.
    3. The Fingertip Veil extends just below the waist, brushing the bride's fingertips.
    4. The Sweep is a long veil that ends at the floor.
    5. The Chapel is a longer veil that extends 9 feet long, creating a short train.
    6. The Cathedral Veil extends 12 feet long and flows behind the bride as she walks up the aisle.

Deciding on the length of the veil not only depends on the style dress, but also on the headpiece.   From tiaras to headbands, circlets to combs, the hairstyle and headpiece will help determine what veil you should select. Discuss your dress choice and what veil you prefer with your hairdresser to select the right hairstyle for you.

No matter what style you select, the romance and beauty of the veil is a wonderful element to your wedding. Extend its beauty by including veil favors that you can find at Your guests will love to have a fun memento of your beautiful day.