Reprinted with permission by UltimateWeddings

1. Coordinate your entire wedding with African inspired accessories from wedding brooms to Kente cloth garters, pillows and guest books and wedding stationery.

2. Walk down the aisle with your hair braided instead of wearing a separate headpiece.

3. If you prefer to wear a headpiece, ask your wedding consultant for advice on crafting an African-inspired wedding hat or "crown" that will complement your attire.

4. Walk down the aisle to the tune of drums and African instruments enhanced by the joyful shouts, clapping and bell-ringing of your loved ones.

5. Place a basket of ribbons at the entrance of your ceremony site and invite guests to tie a ribbon to the broom before the ceremony.

6. As you jump the broom you will have each guest's good wishes attached.

7. Select a favorite hymn for guests to sing as you jump the broom after the ceremony.

8. You may also cross sticks. Slaves used to cross sticks as a symbol of marriage.

9. Have wedding bands made with the sign of the Ankh. The Ankh is a symbol of eternal life, love and the beginning of new life as two families become one.

10. Order a wedding cake with African decorations.

11. Decorate your flower arrangements with afro centric ribbons.

12. Serve an afro centric dish at your reception while watching African dancers performing.