Wedding Planning Help

For the Bridal Party

Bridesmaid costsI'm a Bridesmaid! How much is this going to cost?
Some expenses you may not have thought of and how to minimize them.
Written by Heather A. Muckle Minneapolis, MN

Bridal party checklistBridal Party Information Checklist
A form you can copy which details the information you need to collect about your Bridal Party.
Submitted by

Managing bridesmaidsMaid to Perfection: Favorite Tips for Managing Your Beautifully Bewitching Bridesmaids
How-to guide to maintaining peace between yourself and your Bridesmaids.
By Terrie Needham

Ceremony Traditions

Wedding Traditions - the Dress The Wedding Dress
What type of dress will make the perfect match for your ceremony?
Written by Dawn Kraus

Wedding Traditions - The Veil The Wedding Veil
Why does the bride wear a veil? What type of veil should you choose?
Written by Dawn Kraus

Wedding Traditions - Kiss the Bride You May Kiss the Bride
All about that special kiss!
Written by Dawn Kraus

Wedding Toasts Wedding Toasts
How many toasts are there in a traditional ceremony, who gives them, and in what order?
Written by Dawn Kraus

The Wedding Cake The Wedding Cake
What type of cake fits your ceremony perfectly? Determining how many tiers, what colors, and what flavors are best.
Written by Dawn Kraus

The First Wedding Dance The First Dance
The beautiful first dance of the newly marred couple.
Written by Dawn Kraus

Tossing the Wedding Bouquet Tossing the Bouquet
Tossing the bouquet has been a tradition for years. Find out why we partake in this tradition.
Written by Dawn Kraus

Wedding day traditions Wedding Programs: Personalization and Perfection
Designing the perfect wedding program is never easy! Get some helpful ideas here.
Written by Dawn Kraus

Wedding day traditions Wedding Favors are your Tiny Treasures
Giving these tiny treasures to wedding guests has become the norm. Get some ideas on which are best here.
Written by Dawn Kraus

Wedding day traditions Vintage Weddings
Check out our ideas on having a good old-fashioned vintage wedding.
Written by Dawn Kraus

Wedding day traditionsThe Wedding Day
The meanings behind certain wedding day traditions such as Unity Candles.
Reprinted with permission by UltimateWeddings

African-American weddingsFor African-American Weddings
Some great ideas for a traditional African-American Wedding.
Reprinted with permission by UltimateWeddings

Jewish weddingsFor Traditional Jewish Weddings
A guide to the steps and prayers of a traditional Jewish wedding and the meaning behind them.
Reprinted with permission by UltimateWeddings

Jewish weddingsThrowing Rice
Why is rice thrown at weddings, and does it really kill birds? What else do people throw? Read here for all this and more!
Written by Dawn Kraus

Family & Friends

Children at the WeddingChildren at the Wedding?
Should you bar children from your wedding? If you choose to do so, what is the proper etiquette?
By Dawn Kraus

Wedding favorsGifts and Favors to say "Thank You"
How do you choose the perfect wedding favors? We review wedding favors for guests as well as special gifts for bridesmaids, the maid of honor, groomsmen and the best man.
By Deborah Collins

Weddings and divorced parentsDealing with Divorced Parents
How to deal with this very sensitive subject on your special day.
By Dave Sugarbaker

Children in weddingsIncluding Minor Children of the Bride or Groom
Nice ideas on including children from a previous marriage.
By Dave Sugarbaker

Should you elope?Is Eloping For You?
Believe it or not, there is etiquette on how to elope.
By Jennifer Baumann

More on Wedding Seating ChartsMore on Seating Charts
More thoughts and ideas on making the best seating chart for your wedding.
Written by Dawn Kraus

Wedding Savings Tips

Wedding Receptions in Tents4 Tips for Great Tent Wedding Receptions
Whether you're looking for an outdoor wedding or just saving money, tent receptions can be beautiful.
Written by Dawn Kraus

Wedding Favors for Under $1The Best Discount Wedding Favors - Part 1
More money saving tips from Deborah Collins - find out which favors for under $1 are the best!
By Deborah Collins

Wedding Favors for Under $1The Best Discount Wedding Favors - Part 2
Dawn Kraus gives her input on which wedding favors for under $1 will round out your reception.
By Dawn Kraus

Buying a wedding dress on saleMake Your Own Wedding Favors
Look here for unique wedding favors that you can make yourself.
Written by Deborah Collins

Buying a wedding dress on saleCan I Buy A Dress at a Designer Sample Sale
With a little strategic planning, you can save a bundle on your wedding dress.
Adapted from Stephi Stewart's, "Fire Your Wedding Planner"

Saving on wedding catering7 Ways To Save On Catering
Get it in writing is only one of the 7 tips on finding the best catering deal.
by Stephi Stewart,

Wedding Preparation and Planning

The Rehearsal Dinner The Rehearsal Dinner
Step by step instructions on how to plan your rehearsal dinner from start to finish.
Written by Dawn Kraus

Out of Town Wedding Guests Guests from Out of Town
How to accomodate guests coming in from out of town.
Written by Dawn Kraus

Engagement Party IdeasEngagement Party Ideas
Just got engaged and wondering if, and how, to have an engagement party? Read here for some great ideas!
By Dawn Kraus

Unique Wedding FavorsUnique Wedding Favors For Any Wedding
Having trouble figuring out which favors will match your wedding, whether it be upscale or casual? Read here for some helpful ideas.
By Deborah Collins

Wedding BudgetsWedding Budgets
Need some money saving ideas? Learn how to save on your wedding and maybe even take a longer honeymoon!
By Deborah Collins

Honeymoon locationsTop 5 Honeymoon Destinations
If you're looking for some exotic, beautiful honeymoon locations, check out the top 5!
By Deborah Collins

Choosing a wedding officiateChoosing an Officiate
Who will perform your ceremony depends on the bride and groom's background as well as several other factors you may not have considered.
By Reverend Michael J. Calderin, MA, CAP

Do you need a bridal consultant?Checklist: Do you need a Bridal Consultant?
A quick way of determining if you need a bridal consultant or if you can handle it yourself.

Wedding ceremony sitesQuestions to ask about your Ceremony Site
Some great questions you might not have thought to ask.
Submitted by Beverly Clark Beverly Clark Planner.

Non-verbal communicationsNon-Verbal Communication for Negotiations
Some great tips on negotiating with your bridal vendors.
By Stephi Stewart,

What weddings should costWhat a Great Wedding SHOULD Cost!
Not a cost estimate, but a framework for considering what your wedding COULD cost.
By Stephi Stewart,

Beautiful bridal hair11 Tips for Beautiful Bridal Hair
The title says it all.
by Melanie Mendelson (c)2005

Looking great on your wedding dayHow To Look Great On Your Wedding Day
Some great tips on looking your best on your special day.
by Melanie Mendelson (c)2005

Choosing a wedding musicianSuggestions for Selecting Your Wedding Musicians
Tips from a musician who has played at weddings for over 21 years.
by Kathie Nicolet (c)2005

Wedding Themes

Fall Wedding Themes and Ideas Wedding Music: Country? Jazz? DJ?
One of the most important elements to a great reception is the music. What style fits you best?
Written by Dawn Kraus

Fall Wedding Themes and Ideas4 Ideas for Vineyard Weddings
Four quick tips from Dawn on making your vineyard wedding perfect.
Written by Dawn Kraus

Fall Wedding Themes and IdeasFall Wedding Ideas
Check out Dawn's ideas on fall weddings, covering food, colors, venues and favors!
Written by Dawn Kraus

Holiday wedding tipsHoliday Wedding Tips
Getting married around the holidays? Get some unique ideas here.
Written by Deborah Collins

Beach theme centerpiecesBeach Theme Centerpieces
Tips from FavorFavor's very own Linda Commodore.
Written by Linda Commodore

Country themed weddingsA Country-Themed Wedding
A few great touches can complete your country themed wedding.
Written by Jennifer Marlo

Greek (sorority or fraternity) weddingsA Greek (as in sorority and fraternity!) Wedding
College is often one of the best times of your life. Here's a way to incorporate that into your wedding.
Written by Caurie Anne Putnam Brockport, New York

Beach theme weddingsBeach Wedding Basics
Great tips for one of the hottest trends in weddings – the beach themed wedding.
by Taryn Bussewitz, New York

Choose your wedding color and themeGet Inspired -- Choosing Your Colors and Theme
Inspiration can come from anywhere, as long as you let it.
by Kathryn Schmidt, Los Angeles, CA

Cruise theme wedding ideasCruise Theme Wedding Reception
Tips on completing your cruise theme with the right favors, music, food and more.
by Sandy Hampton

Your Wedding ThemeKeeping Your Theme in Your Wedding
Make sure your theme is involved in every aspect of your wedding, from start to finish!
Written by Dawn Kraus

Four Tips For Spring Wedding Planning4 Tips for Planning your Spring Wedding
Spring is a time of renewal, and beginnings. Planning your wedding for this season of change can be both rewarding and challenging.

All About FlowersAll About Flowers
Flowers are a universal constant at a wedding. Sometimes the perfect favor is simple, sometimes it's elaborate.