4 Tips for Planning your Spring Wedding - Tips and Ideas to Embrace the Season

Planning a Spring Wedding


Weather is unpredictable - consider every possible type of weather and plan accordingly. Spring can bring rain, snow, sleet, sunshine, and a heat wave. You never know what is going to happen. Weather can affect everything from venue to how your hair will hold up - so don't forget to take this into consideration when you're planning.

Developing an outdoor spring wedding in Colorado is probably not a great idea. Planning it on the beach in Key West is a bit safer. Consider where you're getting married and the possibilities - make sure you have a contingency plan for any type of weather event. Make sure there's a place to put boots and a chair or two near the coat check, provide umbrellas for the valets or near the door for making dashes out to the car. Small things, thought of ahead of time, make the execution of your special day memorable.

Flower Card HoldersEmbrace the Season

If your favorite flower is a late summer bloomer, it's probably not going to be practical to have it at your spring wedding. Yes you can order it, and with hot houses available, you can probably get it for a premium price. If you want to keep a reasonable flower budget, consider using some early spring flowers such as calla lilies, tulips or hyacinths in your bouquet or centerpieces. Stretch the theme of your flowers into your wedding favors. These sweet Calla Lily favors & décor sets make great accents to your floral design.

The Dress

It's important, and the season should be considered when you're choosing your dress. Spring can be cool, and your reception venue might be drafty or unseasonably warm. Consider a wrap or small jacket with your strapless or spaghetti strap dress; consider a change of outfit if you're thinking of getting a dress with a full bodice and long sleeves that might be stifling in a crowded reception hall.

Calla Lilly Candle FavorsLighting

Spring days, while longer than winter, can end quickly and a setting sun makes for amazing wedding photos. It can also make for an incredibly dark reception hall. Centerpieces that contain candles or lights can help provide nice lighting without turning on the glaring overhead halogen bulbs. These lovely Calla Lily candles make great centerpieces by themselves, or coupled with a flower arrangement. Make sure your venue allows candles before you plan your centerpieces, and consider the table shape and size as you put them together. A small round table that seats 5-6 might do well with a group of 4 or 5 votive or a few larger candles; while a long rectangular table will require lights along its complete length.

Spring is a time of renewal, and beginnings. Planning your wedding for this season of change can be both rewarding and challenging. The key is to make sure you have thought of every possible factor, and created a contingency for each one. Good luck and happy wedding day!