Wedding Reception Tent Choose a Vineyard For Your Wedding Location

Choosing the right location for your ceremony is one of the most important decisions you will have to make when planning your wedding.  The lush beauty of a vineyard provides the beautiful backdrop of green grapevines, the freedom of plenty of space, and the availability of a fantastic selection of wines.  With amazing locations all over the world, the options for a vineyard wedding are so many that you will surely find just the right one to suit your tastes. Remember to think about your location, investigate your options, and coordinate your arrangements with your surroundings for an exquisite wedding that your guests will talk about for years to come.

Location, Location, Location

Wedding at a Vineyard Deciding where you want your wedding to take place is the first and most important step.  Are you looking for a wedding at home at a local vineyard? Do you want to go to a popular location such as Martha’s Vineyard or Napa Valley? Perhaps you want to go further away to France or Italy? Once you decide on a locale, look into what is available in the vicinity. Are there hotels nearby? Is transportation to the vineyard easy for out of town guests? The website can show you various locations that will meet your needs. Remember to taste the wines from the vineyard you are choosing before making any final decisions. 

Make Your Arrangements

Wedding Seating at a Wine Vineyard Once you decide on a location, contact the vineyard to see if they facilitate weddings, and then reserve your date.  It is important to visit the location at the same time of year that you are planning your wedding so you can see how the vineyard will look at your event. The lighting, the weather, the grapes are all different at various times of the year and you don’t want to be surprised on your wedding day! Remember to ensure that there is ample parking available, that the vineyard is accessible, and that there are enough restrooms for your guests. Always have a contingency plan for any outdoor activities.

A Natural Décor Works Best With Your Surroundings

Outdoor Wedding Formal Dress and Suit Nature has already provided you with a beautiful setting for your wedding. Use it to coordinate your wedding attire, decorations, and favors.  Instead of heavy satins and formal tuxedos, look towards flowing fabrics and linen suits. Simple and elegant arrangements of grapevines and fruit are wonderful accents for tables and displays. Discuss with your florist how you can coordinate your arrangements with the extraordinary beauty surrounding you.

Finishing Touches Add Style

Wine Themed Wedding Favor CandlesRemember to highlight the wines you will be serving at the event. Feature information about the wines in your menus or provide a flight of wines that are served with corresponding meals to accentuate the wine tasting experience. When selecting your wedding favors, choose a wine bottle stopper, coaster set, or other item with a wine motif. Your guests can then remember their fantastic experience long after the event. For a variety of favor options, go to

A vineyard wedding is a wonderful alternative to a traditional wedding. The lush greenery of the grapevines, the beautiful open spaces, and the rich wines all blend harmoniously together to provide you with an exquisite and unique wedding experience.