You Have Found That Special Someone! Now What?

The stars have aligned. The day has arrived. The moment is perfect. You've found that special someone with whom you want to spend the rest of your life and you've decided to get married! Now what? How do you let everyone know that you are getting married? Should you have an engagement party? Who do you invite? Do you give it to yourself or do you leave it to someone else? The thrilling rush has led to a thousand questions and a sudden sense of panic! Relax, take a deep breath, and we will walk through it together!

Announce Your News to the World!

Once you are officially engaged, the planning for your wedding begins and the first step is announcing your news to your friends and family. Many couples choose to send out announcements to family and friends rather than have an engagement party. Wedding Announcements or Save the Date cards come in a variety of different styles. Some choose the traditional card, while others look for something a little more distinctive. If you are looking for a more traditional announcement, try The plethora of choices available for announcement cards might throw you a bit, but such variety gives you the opportunity to find something that really fits your personality as a couple. A new trend in Save the Date cards is to send magnets with your information on them.  From polar bears that are bear-ly ever apart, to couples sailing into the sunset, has a multitude of designs that can be fun and casual or elegant and stylish.

Engagement Party Etiquette

If you choose to have an engagement party, there are a few key factors to remember. There is an old fashioned rule that the parents of the bride host the engagement party, but that is certainly not always the case and it isn't a hard and fast rule. Some rules that you may want to follow are:

  1. Do not invite any guests that you will not be inviting to the wedding.
  2. Never expect (or ask for) gifts.
  3. Your guest list should include the two families and close friends, but it shouldn't include out-of-town relatives, as you will be asking them travel for the wedding.
  4. Gifts are sometimes given by immediate family members upon hearing of your engagement, but not generally at the engagement party. If guests do bring a present, ask them if you can open it after the party so you don't offend any of the other guests.
  5. For more engagement party etiquette guidelines, go to

Wedding Gown Candles A Simple Favor Goes A Long Way

An important guideline to consider when planning the engagement party (as well as any invitations and announcements you send out) is that you should keep in line with the style you would like to have at your wedding. If you are having an extremely formal wedding, your engagement party or announcement should be similarly formal. You don't have to have your wedding completely planned, but some subtle details can ensure continuity between your engagement party or announcements and your wedding. If you are looking forward to a beach wedding, maybe you can have your party at a restaurant overlooking the beach or, if that isn't possible, find beach favors that will let your friends and family know what they can look forward to at the wedding. Favors can often be used to establish a theme or idea and has a diverse selection of items that are sophisticated and heartwarming. Choose from elegant silver ribbon design picture frames, cute sandcastle candles, and more.

Whether you decide to have an engagement party or you simply want to send out announcements, make sure you remember a few key details. First, remember to choose a theme that works for both of you! Second, give your guests enough notice of your upcoming wedding to make adjustments to their personal schedules if needed. And finally, always keep in mind that this is about the two of you and just enjoy the moment!