Wedding Traditions: The First Dance

The epitome of romance and love, your first dance at your wedding reception is meaningful for you and your guests. Being the center of attention may be slightly intimidating to some, but the happy memories that you make will be cherished for a lifetime. From traditional waltzes to tantalizing tangos, this old fashioned ritual has been transformed into something that is both heartwarming and fun.

Meaningful Moments

The lights are lowered and the guests surround the dance floor as you take the floor together for your first dance. The music starts and you glide together with the music, a symbol of how you two are now joined as one. While a significant moment for you both, your guests are also moved as they remember their own first dance. The quiet before the storm, these precious few moments may be the only ones you have together without interruption until after the reception is over. A momentous occasion for everyone involved, your first dance is just the beginning of your celebration and should be enjoyed and savored.

Traditional Tunes

Although traditionally danced as a waltz, the first dance has now expanded to a wide array of dance styles. There are a vast assortment of popular first dance songs that include selections like "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?", "Endless Love," "Unforgettable," "Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You," and "At Last." Talk with your band or DJ about what selections you have to choose from. Choose a song that is meaningful for you both. Enjoy the moment and each other and your guests will delight in watching you dance together.

Shake Things Up

Have fun with your first dance. Some couples shake things up by starting out with a traditional slow dance that then changes to a quicker beat and faster dance, leaving guests laughing and applauding. If the waltz isn't your style, select a dance that you both enjoy. Nearly any style of dance can be customized to fit your wedding. If you don't know how to dance, you can find a dance studio near you and tell the instructor what you want to do. From a high-speed quick step to a sexy samba, they will design steps that will be tailored specifically to the style you want and the steps you can do. Then, when the time comes, just forget everything and enjoy the moment.

Perfect For Each Other

When you are dancing together, everyone will know you are the perfect pair. Select a wedding favor that reminds them how perfect you are for each other. From place card holders to wine bottle stoppers, bookmarks to swizzle sticks, has a vast selection of bride and groom items that your guests will adore. Fun and fanciful or elegant and beautiful, they have the perfect items to complete your table decor.

As the music swells and you move together as a newly wedded couple, enjoy the moment and forget the steps, the guests, and everything else. This is your moment and your day. Enjoy it!