Your Theme Can Make Your Wedding Uniquely Your Own

Event planners all agree that any event is better with a theme that carries through from the initial invitations to the party favors.  These themes can be as simple as a color scheme or as elaborate as a beach extravaganza.  A well-established theme is gently woven through an event, creating a continuity that many guests may not notice but will certainly appreciate on some level. Find your inspiration, whether it is a piece of music, a painting, a holiday or a simple palette of colors, and weave it into your events.

Infuse Your Wedding Theme from Beginning to End

Before you send your first wedding announcement or invitations, discuss what your theme will be.  If your theme revolves around music, perhaps you can have some sort of music motif on your announcements. Musical notes, scrolls of sheet music, or elegant instruments such as violins and harps make lovely accents. Or the beach, butterflies, fall foliage, or whatever you plan to have at your wedding may be tastefully echoed in your invitation. Colors play a key role, as well. If you want to have blue and white as your wedding colors – don’t send out invitations in green and cream! A wonderful place to look for ideas for your invitations is

Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

When thinking about your theme, the ceremony is often overlooked. Without much effort, you can include small details that facilitate a harmonious transition from ceremony to reception. Your program itself can include your color scheme or a small detail or graphic in the corners or between paragraph breaks.  If you have based your theme on a specific song or poem, perhaps you can have a family member recite a section or include it in the program. For more ideas regarding wedding programs, go to These small touches are simple ways to make your day uniquely your own - letting your personality shine through the ceremony.

Have Fun with Your Theme at the Reception

The reception is where you can really have fun with your theme. From place card holders to centerpieces, music selections to wedding favors, make sure all your accessories work together, creating a feeling of warmth and fun without being too overpowering.  Music lovers can have place card holders in the shape of musical instruments or music stands. Beach aficionados can have sandcastle candles or sea shell picture frames. Winter weddings can include snowflake ornaments or glass coasters. The possibilities are endless, but remember to not get too carried away when you visit to see these fantastic options.

Just Have Fun!

A unifying theme can be an effective tool for coordinating the plethora of details and events for your wedding. With the same colors and designs flowing from one event into the next, your guests will feel more relaxed. By adding your own distinctive flair, you can make your wedding a unique and wonderful experience for everyone involved.