Wedding Favors for $1 Discount Wedding Favors – Part II

With the rising costs of living and wedding costs quickly reaching $30,000, you might want to look at some affordable wedding favors that will keep you under budget.  Remember, just because these favors are under $1 each, you can still find elegant and fun favors that can be personalized to set the tone for your special day. These favors let you weave your unique personality into your reception without breaking the bank!

Calla Lilly Picture / Placecard Frame Wedding Favors Picture Perfect Wedding Favors

Frames make a lovely gift that your guests will really appreciate - not only at your reception but for years to come. Choose from any number of stylish and diverse categories of frames.  Exquisite and tasteful photo frames such as the ever-lovely Calla Lily Design Photo Frame come in pearlized white resin with gold accents and are embellished with shimmering rhinestones. The curved place card frames are gorgeous in their simple elegance with a classic brushed silver finish and delicate design.  These frames are perfect as place card holders but could also be used in a variety of thoughtful and creative ways.  You can include a picture of you and your fiancé in each frame or even a meaningful poem commemorating the beauty of the day.  Has a specific song or painting inspired your theme? Use these frames to highlight your inspiration and complete your décor.  

Imprinted Shot Glass Wedding Favors Take a Shot at These Favors

For a unique twist that will make your guests smile, select a shot glass from the wide variety available. These adorable favors come in several different styles, but each one can be personalized with your names and wedding date! In addition, you can choose a design that works with your own personal style. With accents that include autumn leaves, doves, or snowflakes, these shot glasses are either short and wide or tall and thin, but they all hold 3 oz for a perfect shot! Give your guests something they can use long into the future, remembering your incredible day with every sip!

Chocolate Wedding Favors Edible Wedding Favors

Would you like to give your guests something they can really enjoy? There are numerous edible options that you can tailor to fit your style. From Hershey Kisses to coffee and tea, the options are endless. Each of these delightful delicacies come in a plethora of designs and can include your names and wedding date. Are you a big coffee drinker? Perhaps you adore Hershey miniatures. Whichever favor you choose, it can be designed to fit with your reception décor using any number of fantastic themes such as beach events, seasonal motifs, and more.

With a little creativity, you can select a fantastic favor that fits your personality and doesn’t break your budget. Whether you are giving your guests a picture of the happy couple or honey jars with your names and wedding date, your guests will love seeing your personal touch on these wonderful gifts. Have fun with your choice and make sure it is something that you would look forward to taking home, too!

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