Piano Quartet Wedding Music: Start Your Marriage Off on the Right Note

As your wedding day quickly approaches, all the little details seem to pile up. Finding just the right note is often illusive. Deciding on the perfect entertainment for your reception can often be one of those decisions. When making this decision, remember that music sets the tone of an event. Whether you want the evening to be casual or sophisticated, it will be directly influenced by the music you choose.

Jazz Band All That Jazz

For a sophisticated but fun atmosphere, you might choose a small jazz ensemble. Long sultry ballads and sweet saxophone solos are a wonderful backdrop for a small wedding party. With music that can switch from instrumental to vocal, you offer a nice variety for your guests. The subtle tones and heartfelt tunes are a perfect backdrop for when you are greeting friends and family members or when you take your new spouse out on the dance floor.

Country Singer A Little Bit Country

A more casual choice would be a country or bluegrass group. A wonderful option for an outdoor wedding, these musicians can play soulful slow songs or have everyone on their feet and ready to two step. Great for breaking the ice between family members, country music can appeal to the old and young while still having a fresh feeling that will have everyone laughing.

A Classical Twist

A classical ensemble is perfect for simple receptions that only include dinner or dessert. The harmonious blending of a string trio or a piano quartet creates a tranquil atmosphere that will set your guests at ease while also setting an elegant and sophisticated tone.

Just Want to Have Fun

If you really just want to dance, choose a big band or a DJ; however, be careful that you choose someone who will play music that people will dance to. Finding a band director or DJ that works well with a crowd and encourages guests to dance without being overpowering or obnoxious is essential to the success of your event. Once you have found the right one, remember to put on your dancing shoes and have a blast.

Music Note Wedding Placecard HoldersWhatever style of music you choose, remember to incorporate it into your overall decorations. This could be as simple as stating the name of the band or ensemble in the program. Another option could be to include music motif favors like the music note place card holders available at or one of their various music-inspired gifts. Remember to choose something that reflects your personality and your guests will enjoy every minute.