Old Fashioned Bride and GroomVintage Weddings

Settling on a theme for your wedding can be one of the hardest decisions of the planning process. For some, a vintage wedding is the perfect answer. Selecting a specific moment in time allows you to center all the details that go into making a spectacular wedding around the styles prevalent in that era. From the cut and color of clothing to be worn, to the decorations used at the reception, and even the music being played, your time period will be the focal point of a glorious event. Vintage weddings can have a fun and casual feel or a sophisticated elegance that permeates throughout the entire event. It's up to you to make it as relaxed or as formal as you want.

What to Wear

With the vast array of designs to select from, choosing the perfect dress is always difficult. Vintage weddings narrow the selection down considerably. Do you want an old-fashioned Victorian wedding? Perhaps you want the fun and sophistication of the roaring 20's. For a more casual and fun theme, you might want a 50's style wedding, complete with poodle skirts and cream sodas. Children Dressed as Bride and GroomWhatever time period you choose, remember to coordinate both the bride's and grooms' clothing to reflect the theme as well as the bridal party's garments. If you want your guests to be included, remember to let them know in plenty of time to find appropriate attire. You might even want to investigate costume shops in their area that would have items they can choose from. Set the Scene

For a vintage wedding to truly work, you need to have the right backdrop. The reception should send your guests back in time to the period you are focusing on. Victorian themes should include elaborate floral displays and lots of lace. Antique touches in the chairs and artwork in the room can also add to the effect. Sharp edges and clean lines are perfect for a roaring 20's era party and a soc hop is perfect for a 50's tribute. Speak with your caterer about how the waiters and waitresses will be dressed and spend a little extra time on the choice of foods that you select to help create the mood.

Wedding Music

An essential part of any wedding, the music is extremely important to creating the right atmosphere for your wedding and reception. You may want to hire an ensemble or group that specializes in the music of the era you have chosen to perform for the wedding ceremony and at least part of the reception. You might also have fun learning a dance from the era you selected to perform at the beginning of the reception. For those who want more modern music for at least some part of the reception, hire a DJ to take over for the last couple of hours.

Finding the right theme for your wedding can be a lot of fun. Reinforce the vintage feel of the reception with the right favors. A wide selection of favors is available at to work with any era you choose. From Victorian chair place card holders to art deco picture frames, you can find just the perfect memento for your guests to bring home to remind them of your special day for years to come.