Choose an Autumn Date and Your Wedding Theme Will "Fall" into Place

With the autumn months surging in popularity for wedding dates across the country, - June still tops the list, but September and October are steadily gaining ground - more and more couples are finding a fall wedding theme to be a natural choice!  After all, during fall Mother Nature herself provides many unique advantages that can instantly add to a wedding's overall appeal.

Autumn SkylineComfortable Temperatures, Bright Skies…
When planning your wedding, you can count on fall to offer some of the year's most spectacular weather.  With summer's dog days passed by, autumn temperatures and fall breezes – still warm, but invigorating - let you and your guests enjoy the day in comfort.  And, although shorter days have begun to creep in, crisp fall afternoons still boast plenty of brilliant daylight to delight in.  Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets also hold a prominent place on fall's illustrious list of weather wonders that are sure to make your wedding day memorable.  Remember to consider these factors when choosing the time of day for your ceremony and reception to begin.     

Fall Leaves and GrapesA Plentiful Harvest
Since ancient times, autumn has been linked to a celebration of the season's plentiful harvest.  From a multitude of delicious fruits, vegetables and grains to the year's finest offerings from some of the world's most revered wineries, fall foods and wines make a delectable addition to your wedding menu.  Of course apples, pumpkins, chestnuts and sweet potatoes are some of the season's more well-known tasty treats, but you should also consider other fall treasures like snow peas, beets, broccoli rabe and avocados as colorful complements to your dishes.  Use fall berries or fruits as seasonally-inspired accents in your centerpieces and overall décor.  And, don't forget to spread the fall wedding theme to your wedding bouquets and floral arrangements with fall's array of      richly-hued flowers including: red and orange roses, calla lilies, dahlias, mums, orchids and deep blue/purple hydrangeas.

Bright Fall LeavesA Magnificent Backdrop of Color That Only Nature Can Provide
Perhaps more than any other season, fall has been the noted inspiration for the memorable works of poets, artists, photographers and more.  Why?  Well, just one look at a span of spectacularly colored foliage on a crisp fall day will no doubt give you the answer.  And, all of that color and awe of the fall season makes an unmatched backdrop for your special day. 

So even though it may not actually be fall when you are making your wedding plans, be sure to use your imagination to picture the day in all of its autumn glory.  Choose a setting that maximizes the season's natural benefits including scenery, temperature and more.  A venue with an outdoor patio area overlooking a stunning collection of autumn-touched trees will provide the perfect place for you and your guests to take in the energizing breeze while enjoying the color-filled view.  Picture windows in your reception room also allow you and your wedding goers to savor the sites all throughout the day, early evening and at sunset.   

No discussion of beautiful backdrops could be complete without mentioning just how   exquisite an infusion of fall foliage can be in your wedding photos.  Scout out a picturesque outdoor location for your formal pictures and if the exterior space allows, plan to have your photographer take a priceless group shot of everyone on your guest list gathered together outside.  Lastly, remember that Mother Nature surely won't mind if you take inspiration from her works of art and borrow from her splendid autumn color palate!  So, consider choosing bridesmaid's dresses, accessories, table linens and more in reds, oranges, coppers and deep colors that do justice to the season's natural examples.         

Fall Wedding CandlesFantastic Fall Wedding Favors

With all that fall has to offer, you'll surely want to find unique wedding favors that bring memories of your autumn celebration back to your guests time and time again.  Fall place card holder favors featuring leaf, grape or basket designs immediately greet your guests with seasonal appeal.  An array of fall design candle favors can bring the brilliant autumn warmth and glow to your tables.  Wine themed wedding favors including personalized wine glasses, coaster sets, barware, and grape design items capture the essence of the fruits of the vine. And, fruit-inspired favor collections like the "Perfect Pair" selections are destined to offer a smile.

For those couples who choose a fall wedding theme, there are lots of seasonal treasures in store.  So keep these timely tips in mind as you make the most of autumn's offerings and watch your picture perfect wedding day "fall" into place.

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