Let Them Eat Cake - Wedding Cake!

Your wedding cake is an integral party of your reception that many brides spend hours deliberating on. Should the cake be three tiers or four? Should it be all white or include colors from the bridal party? What flavor cake should you pick? The wedding cake has been a wedding tradition for centuries and comes with its own rituals and superstitions' however, it is a distinctive part of your wedding. Remember to always choose something you like and just enjoy!

The History of the Wedding Cake

Dating as far back as the Roman Empire, the wedding cake has been transformed from a thin wheat cake to a towering confection of icing and sugar. Originally crumbled over the bride's head to symbolize fertility, the wedding cake tradition has had many different variations through the years. In the 17th century, the 'bride's pie' was an enduring tradition. The pie was made of sweet breads or mince. A glass ring was baked inside the pie and the lady to find the ring in her piece would be the next to wed. By the end of the 19th century, the more traditional wedding cake overtook the 'bride's pie' in popularity. The wedding cake was generally white, symbolizing the innocence of the bride. The cake is cut just before dessert by the bride and groom. The groom places his right hand above the bride's right hand and they cut into the bottom layer of the cake, their first task performed together as husband and wife. This is generally followed by the bride and groom feeding each other a small piece of cake, symbolizing how they will provide for one another. Often the top layer of the cake is frozen so the happy couple can relive their wedding day on their first anniversary.

Groom's Cake

Another traditional cake that has an interesting history is the groom's cake. This cake, usually dark in contrast to the wedding or bride's cake, is more often seen at Southern weddings but remains popular for many couples all over the country. Originally, the bride's cake was served during the reception and the groom's cake was sliced and put in single serving boxes for guests to take home as wedding favors. It was believed that if an unmarried female put the cake under her pillow, she would dream of her future husband. Now, the groom's cake is more often used to honor the groom, involving him in the wedding ritual. The groom's cake is often decorated to reflect his likes or hobbies and is ordered in secret by the bride.

Deciding on Your Cake

When deciding on what kind of cake or cakes you want, remember to select something you will enjoy. If you prefer not to have a traditional white wedding cake, there are a variety of different designs to choose from. Many brides include their bridal colors or theme into the design of the cake. Another option is to embrace your heritage by having a cake inspired by your ethnic background. Investigate your options before making any decision. Find out if you like butter-cream or fondant better and taste the cake before you order it. For those who don't like formal cakes, many couples are using cupcakes arranged in tiers.

Fancy Wedding Favors

A fun and tasty tradition, the wedding cake is a critical part of your celebration. Let your guests take home a little piece of this amazing aspect of your wedding day with fantastic favors from From cake servers to candles, bubbles to place card holders, they have a vast array of wedding cake inspired items that will become treasured mementos of your important day.

Your guests will love to see the little details that make the cake your own, so don't be afraid of adding your own personality to the design of your wedding cake. Have fun while deciding on what you want for your wedding and let them eat cake!