Make Your Own Unique Wedding Favors

by Deborah Collins © 2008, All Rights Reserved

Whether you can't find just the right wedding favors for your reception or your budget won't allow you buy the ones you want, you've got a wonderful alternative. Make unique wedding favors yourself! Do-it-yourself wedding favors add a personal touch and give your guests something truly original. Not the crafty type? That's OK. You don't need to be. With these simple suggestions anyone can quickly make impressive, unique wedding favors your guests will rave about.

A Bucket Full 'O Favors

Miniature pails are a great place to start. Choose pastel colors for a light touch, galvanized for silver tones or glass for an elegant display. Fill these buckets with artificial grass, tiny shovels and packets of flower seeds, and your guests will be reminded of you each time the flowers begin to bloom. Or add a tea light candle to pastel, silver or glass buckets to create a romantic favor that is appropriate for virtually any setting. After their initial use, these dainty buckets are also convenient for neatly storing jewelry, change, paperclips or many other items.

Favors To Go

Heart-shaped "takeout" boxes are another fun idea for making unique wedding favors. Have a sweet tooth? Try stuffing these boxes with candy-coated almonds for a delicious treat. If chocolates your favorite, Hershey Kisses® or miniature chocolate bars can be personalized with initials, then used to fill the boxes for a scrumptious snack your guests won't soon forget.

Delightful Tins

Mint tins come in a variety of shapes and offer many possibilities. You can choose from rectangular, heart-shaped or round. Tins can display the announcement of your wedding or various designs such as a bride and groom, tuxedo or wedding dress to mention a few. With candy-coated mints or gum inside, tins make an easy, delightful and refreshing favor.

Bottoms Up!

Another option for easy-to-make favors is toasting glasses. Buy them with or without your name and wedding date engraved. Place heart-shaped bottle stoppers and wine charms inside each glass and you have an elegant favor with little or no effort involved.

This clever idea can also be used with coffee mugs. Adorn them with wedding themes or engravings on the front. Mugs are practical and always appreciated. Stuff each mug with a packet of coffee or tea with your names and wedding date printed on the front, add a heart-shaped coffee/sugar scoop and you have a simple and original gift for your guests.

These unique wedding favors offer something personal and are oftentimes less expensive than other favors you might choose. Wrap them up with personalized ribbons and colored mesh or cellophane for a romantic and delightful presentation.

Invite your bridesmaids over for a favor party. Put in a movie or just spend the afternoon discussing the big day as you turn these simple suggestions into unique wedding favors your guests will admire. You'll enjoy the time with friends and take great pride in the beautiful gifts you create.


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